Friday, June 24, 2011

Facelift and a Good Run

I changed the header to add a little bit of more of me. My running shoes (sanity-Brooks Ariel) and obviously, my sweet tea. I started to change the background, colors, etc. but decided to let it be for now. You will find that I like to change things up from time to time. I'm still experimenting with this whole blogging thing, so please bare with me!

I got a good 2 mile run in tonight. I tried to work on keeping the same pace as long as I could and not taking so many walk breaks or "stop and stretch" breaks. It went really well and I felt good after the first mile. Why is it the first mile is always the hardest?? So that was my sanity for the day...

As for the sweet tea, I did indulge in a gargantuan small sweet tea from Chick-fil-a. I should be a spokesperson for Chick-fil-a and McAllister's, as much as I talk about their food and sweet tea! Classy, I know, but when you live on a budget, you take what you can get!! Maybe one day when all the debts are paid off, hubby and I can begin to enjoy some finer dining experiences. Our city does have some great local restaurants. We just don't spend a lot of our money eating out. Hense, the weekly Chick-fil-a and McAllister's visits! At least both places have healthier choices for those of us that choose to order them (ahem...most of the time, me, but less often, the hubby).

Where is your favorite "cheap" place to eat healthy?


  1. I wish I could be competent at creating headers and such. It's crazy how every runner is different. The first mile is the easiest for me. It's usually the last half mile that just makes me want to quit soooo bad. You know who has really good sweet tea? Raising Cane's. Do you have one close to you?

  2. I'd never heard of Raising Cane's. I googled it, and apparently there are some in Lexington, about an hour away. Next time I am there, I am going to try it!

    I don't know what it is about the first mile. Well, actually I do. I always start out with aches and pains and tight muscles, and no amount of stretching before helps. I guess after my legs get warmed up, and my lungs adjust to the breathing, I start feeling like I could run forever. That doesn't last forever,of course. I've never ran long distances without stopping to walk, so the last mile of a 5+ miles of solid running will probably make me want to quit, if I ever get there!

  3. Someone once told me that the first and last miles are the toughest. I find that to be totally true, no matter how many miles I run.