Wednesday, June 29, 2011


OMG! I just (finally) registered for the half-marathon I have been pondering over for the last month! Ahhhhhh! No turning back now. My heart feels like it is going to jump out of my chest! I guess because I had a good run this morning I felt moved to 'just do it'! Wow, I'm still in shock!
 Now comes the hard for this race starts at the end of July. The actual race is on November 12th. So essentially, I have 4 months to get myself used to running longer distances at a reasonable pace...piece of cake, right??? God, help me...

In other exciting news, Fit Crafty English Teacher is giving away a pair of Auria Earphones. She tested them out herself and had great things to say about them. If you are like me, earphones are very important because music is what keeps me going during those long workouts! Head over to Megan's blog, the giveaway ends on Friday, July 8th. I just realized that because I am sharing the news of this giveaway, it really lessens the chance that I will that case, stay away!!!!!! (Just kidding, Megan!)

Yesterday was a cross-training day, so I did The Biggest Loser's Cardio Max DVD. Let's just say bending over, getting dressed and reaching for things has not been fun today. Very sore. But it's a good, "hey, where did those muscles come from" kind of sore. Bob never fails to kick my butt. I do this video at least once every 2 weeks and I have stuck to level one because I felt like level 2 and 3 were easier than level 1, and they are also 10 minutes shorter.

Today I had a good 2 mile run and I had a PR for that distance! As I've said before, my PR is slower than most people speed walk, but that's okay, I'm slowly shaving time off. I am cutting out the walk breaks and when I do take them they are very short. Hopefully by November, I won't get passed by speed walkers in the half-marathon.  If I do, I'll just yell obscenities, turn my iPod up louder and keep running. I'll get to that finish line, slowly but surely...


  1. Hahaha thanks for sharing the giveaway! I didn't officially sign up yet, but I am doing my first half in October, and I know when I make it official, I will be feeling like you! Aghhh the Biggest Loser people will make you SORE!

  2. Yay! I'll be excited to follow your progress to the finish line!! :)

  3. Hey girl, I am so glad you found my blog! I am officially stopping by to say hello and congrats on registering for that race! I added you to my Google reader so I can keep up with your progress :) Have a great weekend!