Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Count Your Blessings

I struggled with what to post today.

My day started by attending the wake of a 13 year old former student that drowned a week ago. He was in a 5th grade class that I co-taught in 2 years ago, and his younger siblings still attend our school. We were all devistated, needless to say, by this young life ending in such a tragic way. Our local paper said that all he wanted to do was play professional football and get his mom out of the difficult conditions (poverty and violence) she and his siblings are living in. He was a hard working, good kid with a kind heart. Plain and simple.

I tell this story because I had to take some time today to reflect on what is important in my life and to really feel the emotion of grief for his family but also to refocus my priorities regarding my own family. And to realize that no matter how bad I think it may be, it could always be worse. I'm glad I had my pity party yesterday and got it all out.

Life is precious. It's funny how it takes a tragedy so close to home to cause you to count your blessings.


Tonight was day 2 (of week 1) of Ripped in 30. I put in a little more effort on the abs today. It took my by surprise how difficult the same exercises were on the second day in a row. My muscles were definitely fatigued and sore from day 1, so I am going to skip tomorrow and resume day 3 on Friday. I am also going to hit the pavement with the doggy again in a few. That was refreshing last night to get out and just run, no pressure.

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