Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Questions for you...

I have been keeping a list of questions related to running my half-marathon this November. I've searched online and read what the "pros" have to say, but I'm really interested in finding out what other runners like myself do when training for half and full marthons. If you want to answer any or all of these questions for me, I'd be so thankful for your wisdom. Just leave your answers in the comment section, please and number them for me. I am going to answer them with what I am currently doing. Here goes:

1. Do you train for races outside, inside on a treadmill, or both?
  • Lately, due to weather, I have been training inside on the treadmill. I want to run outside more when it cools down some.
2. Do you buy new shoes for a big race and then break them in a few weeks prior or stick with what you've trained in?
  • My only experience with this was last years half, and I wore the shoes I trained in. Had no problems, but I walked pretty much the whole thing.
3. Do you pay attention to, or track your heart rate during runs?
  • I am very interested in doing this. I am buying a Garmin with a heart rate monitor. I want to learn how to monitor this and use it to my advantage during training. 
4. The only hills I have really run for this training are on my treadmill. A 10% incline was like death for me. How do you train for hills?
  • At 10% on my treadmill, I can only run for like a minute. In my neighborhood, there are some pretty big hills, but most are short and quick. I typically have to slow down and even walk sometimes.  I am working on hills on the treadmill 1 day a week. 
5. Do you cross train? What kind of activities do you do?
  • I walk, do elliptical and fitness videos for strength. I would like to bike and swim more. Just too hard with a little one. 
Last one, I promise!

6. What is your favorite piece of running gear/clothing/shoes?
  • I love my Brooks Ariel's. I am sure I would love my Garmin if I had one!
Thanks for answering my silly questions. I appreciate it!

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