Monday, July 18, 2011

A Weekend Trip and A Day Back to Work

I had a nice weekend with family. We traveled a few hours away to visit my sister-in-law and her fam for my nephew's baptism on Sunday. I forgot my camera, so all I got were these crappy iPhone pictures:

My nephew, daughter and niece

I mostly ate horribly. But I did have one really big, yummy salad. Sometimes I can make good choices when everyone else is eating burgers and fries...

 I was able to workout on Saturday before leaving, and then I ran a mile last night when we got back. I was literally running at 10:45 last night. Oh what I won't do to get a run in...

Then today I got a taste of what's to come. Back to work for the day.

I had a 7 hour "professional development" on Safe Crisis Management. This is what we use in our schools in any incidence where a student becomes physically violent towards themselves or someone else. Basically, if I have to, I can safely restrain a student to prevent  him or her from hurting someone. Everything from breaking up a fight to calming a kid down in a crisis situation. I work in a large urban school district with a large population of students that come from proverty, abuse,  and neglect and don't always have those coping skills to handle anger or other strong emotions.

Every year I have a 1 day "recertification" and then every other month I attend practice sessions. For the recertification today, I had to perform a lot of physical holds, first in practice and then for a test. It's almost like wrestling, only methodical and only used in an emergency. There is a lot of lifting, bearing another person's weight and moving up and down on the floor. My knees are sore and bruised. But I did notice that strength-wise, I am able to handle someone larger than me, which was really difficult a year ago. I guess all this strength training and running is paying off in more ways than one!

 My plan was for today to be a rest day. But I'm feeling antsy and really need to get back on the Jillian Michael's Ripped in 30 wagon. I am having a hard time lately taking a rest day. It's almost like I'm afraid I'll gain weight or lose some muscle tone if I don't. I feel lazy.

How many rest days do you take? Is it hard for you to take them?

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