Saturday, July 2, 2011

Fail #2

Attempt #2 at my "long" run for the week: 3 miles. FAIL. Both attempts found me lethargic, unable to catch my breath or find a rhythm in my breathing, dizzy and defeated. Even my "go to" music didn't help me move faster today. I went ahead and finished 1 mile both times, just for spite, I guess.

Yesterday after I posted about my 2 week long stomach issue, I thought about what I had and hadn't been eating, drinking and doing. I did not eat anything containing dairy products yesterday. I drank water, probably for the first time in several days (gasp!). I had been depriving myself of water, who knows why...laziness, I guess. I had mostly been drinking coffee, tea and a little Powerade after my workouts. So today, the nausea is pretty much gone (knock on wood), and I don't know if it just miraculously went away because I didn't have dairy or because I did drink water or both or neither...

That being said, maybe I was dehydrated and that is why I cannot complete more than a mile (with walk breaks). Maybe that's why I am dizzy right now after just getting off the treadmill. Today's attempt at running felt like I had bricks for feet, every step  was a struggle. Or maybe I was wearing these:

Today's plan B is to drink as much water as I can stand, and eat some much needed carbs and protein, in hopes that I will get some energy back soon. Who knows, maybe I will go for attempt #3 tonight...

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  1. Aw.. I hate not being able to finish a run. The other night I had to cut mine short due to a terrible blister whose bandaid kept coming off. I am also bad about hydrating myself. One time I was dying in the middle of a run, and all I kept thinking about was gatorade and iced water. I started thinking.. "What did I drink today?" and all I'd drank was 3 cups of coffee in the morning and a diet coke for lunch. DUH!