Thursday, July 28, 2011

Running at Night

Somehow, last night around 8:45, after being gone from home for over 12 hours, I found the energy to run 2 miles. And I did speed work nonetheless. I have learned that my body has more energy and feels better when I run at night. And then I had a glorious feeling when I was finished and it did not keep me from going to sleep 2 hours later. I slept like a baby!

I've tried working out first thing in the morning with no food on my stomach, blech! I feel like I'm going to pass out.

I've also tried late morning or early afternoon about an hour after a meal. Just don't seem to have any energy then, either.

The few races I have participated in, I ate big carb filled dinners the night before and then had toast and a banana and some almonds about an hour before. That worked well for me. So I'm going to plan to stick to that for this upcoming half. 

And I'm going to train whenever I can find time and energy, which will most likely be at night. And then hope for the best come race day!

What is your best time of day to run or workout? What do you eat before a run or a race?


  1. I'm the opposite, I do much better if I work out in the mornings before I eat anything. I always find an excuse to get out of working out if I wait until night.

  2. Early mornings are best for me. If I don't get my run done right when I wake up, chances are it's not going to get done. If it's a long run, I try to eat a bagel and banana about an hour before. I don't eat anything before a shorter run, but I try to eat a healthy snack before bed.